Friday, June 19, 2009

brothers, brothers, brothers

Jacey has 2 brothers...Joey, he's 18 and just graduated from highschool and is going to college this fall. Jake is her other older brother, he is 17 and is enlisted in the Army National Guard and will be going to basic training in the next few months.

Joey's senior pictures, taken by his Aunt Shawna

Joey at his senior proom

Jake at his junior prom

Jake being goofy

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Pets (Jacey's Pets)

Here is the rest of our family, minus Jacey's siblings. She thought it was more important to put up her pets then her brothers.

Max, our black lab at 8 weeks

Max at 9 months old

Jacey, Max, and Gizmo sleeping on the floor, because Max couldn't go up the stairs due to injuring his the 3 of them slept together.

Gizmo, 10 year old Yorkie...Gizzy our good ole dog, who's been blind for about 3 years, but he still acts like a youngster.

Gizmo and Callie...this is an older picture, because Callie is 2 years old.

One of our 55 gallon fish tanks

The other fish tank

Maybe tomorrow her brothers will make the cut, if not am sure one day we will introduce them to you all...

Welcome and Please Enjoy Your Stay

Let me introduce the person who is really responsible for this blog, it was her idea for us to share our story. I'm not overly sure what she has planned, but for now I'm the writer and the poster. So here she is...


Thanks for stopping by, I sure she will have more to say in 5 minutes. Have a good day.